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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> evidence collection is going to go on for several days. leon: a family and their housekeeper murdered and left in a burning home. the crew that -- the clue that police are chasing. plus, the boston marathon bomber sentenced to death. reaction from victims and their families. a stunning revelation in the deadly amtrak rail meant. why the f the eye is on the case. next. [captioning performed by the national cap which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] four bodies found in a fiery mansion not far away from the natural cathedral in the vice president's house. we learn the identities of the victims found inside. police believe one of them is a 10-year-old child. alison: calls for help as the investigation moves forward. live with the leads police are now following. >> as you said, we now know who it was that died inside this home yesterday afternoon.
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the question turns to who could have possibly done something like this and why? >> the fires to be intentionally set. >> three of the four victims killed suffered blunt force trauma before the fire began. and there were no signs of forced entry. among those believed killed, housekeeper. whoever did this was brutal enough to kill their 10-year-old son. the family tells us she was from el salvador and loved philip dearly. lisa gutierrez also worked at the home. >> god saved my life. >> she said amy center this text , asking her something she never asked before. >> they say are want to make sure you do not come today.
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>> three hours later, the home was on fire. police put a call out for information about a blue porsche. that car was found torched tucked away in a back corner of the church. >> you ask anyone that may have seen that car between wednesday and thursday around 5:00 p.m.. call us with information you may have. >> police are guarding the home and will do that all night. the investigation will continue tomorrow. a company called american ironworks in prince george's county. he and his wife had tooled her daughters that neighbors say were away at boarding school. leon: developing now, the ntsb is determining if a train was hit by an object before it derailed. an assistant conductor said that
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she heard to engineers talking and one of them said it had been hit by a rock or shot at. there is damage to the windshield and they are asking the f ei take a look at it. also tonight, the ntsb interview the engineer. investigators say he has been cooperative but still does not remember the impact. >> the engineer encouraged us to contact him further if we needed anything else. so we found him to be extremely cooperative. leon: eight people died when that train derailed. continuing coverage of the investigation. alison: we are on storm watch because we are monitoring the potential for thunderstorms over the weekend. steve is here with the timeline for that. steve: nothing going on out there right now but it will likely change by this time tomorrow night.
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63 in gaithersburg. a couple degrees cooler at dulles. we will show you it's going on with the express forecast. the high made it up to 78 degrees at reagan national airport. the day planner for the morning hours shows the temperature around 62 degrees, waking up early in the morning. a good deal of sunshine and a quick warm-up. temperatures around 82 degrees. 5:00, middleton upper 80's. the heat index will make it feel hotter than that and we will throw a few showers and thunderstorms, some with the potential of bringing heavy downpours and gusting wind. plus what to expect on sunday and into next week. we move closer and closer to memorial day holiday weekend. leon: dzhokhar tsarnaev showed no emotion as he was sentenced to death today. he will face lethal injection for the terror attack, but
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there's a long road ahead before that happens. >> a sense of relief and lack of remorse was a big factor. one victim called the decision justice. >> it was a horrific chaotic scene. three dead and more than 260 injured. now, two years and one month later. a death sentence for dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> maybe we can be done with it and move on. >> it took 14 hours to choose the death penalty. >> he will pay with his life for his crimes.
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>> he made an obscene gesture in a holding cell. signs of no remorse. >> i recognize something awful happened there. >> he didn't run in the 2013 race. he says he opposes the death penalty. >> at least you got a little bit of closure. >> he argued the 19-year-old was influenced by his older brother tamerlan. >> i think it was the just conclusion. >> he folded his head slightly bowed. at that time, he will have the chance to speak.
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live in the newsroom, abc seven news. alison: jurors had to fill out a 24 page worksheet where they tallied the factors for and against the death penalty. massachusetts is a liberal state that has largely been considered anti-death penalty. this just in, surveillance video . he then takes off in a tan suv. if you can identify him or have any information about the case, police want to talk to you. leon: a rabbi secretly recording women in spiritual baths will spend six and a half years behind bars. >> the court room was packed.
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they got their wish. they took part in a ritual bath at the synagogue. as many as 100 more women and in court, victims applauded the sentence. reporters spoke of his good deeds. telling the judge he was horrified and disgusted by his own behavior. >> >> it was a possibility that
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he hoped wouldn't come to that. >> the judge was allowed to send -- serving concurrently, not consecutively. alison: d.c. court closing the door on a reckless renter. a judge ordered douglas jeffreys to shut down the illegal business he was running in his dupont circle area home. he would rent that property on websites like airbnb, sometimes letting hundreds of the ball use it for parties, private concerts, weddings. neighbors eventually complained
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of all the noise. he can rent the property but he needs a proper license and no more than eight renters allowed in the house at a time. leon: he can rent it out to the atlanta hawks now. a big disappointment, the washington wizards out of the playoffs. it came down to the last second and a heartbreaking final shot. >> the wizards had every chance to win this game and didn't get it done. wizards down three. where is pierce? off-balance, let it go. splash. they tie it. into overtime. they will review it. it was still on his fingertips
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the was her's 4-91. they are eliminated from the playoffs. the wizards were chasing atlanta most of the game. >> they had every chance to win. leon: crushed. but it's baseball season now? let's go nats. i have to find a silver lining. still ahead tonight, fallout after deadly listeria in blue bell ice cream. the drastic measure the company is taking. alison:
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leon: a new fallout with listeria outbreak linked to blue bell ice cream. it will lay off more than one third of its work horse. more than 1400 people will lose their jobs and another 1400 will be for load. three people died during listeria outbreak.
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alison: a chain known for dessert is cutting sugary drinks. they are removing soft drinks and sugary beverages from the kids menu and will serve cold water and milk. it comes at the urging of health advocates. they will be available in september. leon: google's self driving cars one step closer to reality. it works without a gas pedal or a steering wheel. it doesn't have airbags or required safety feature so it can't go more than 25 miles an hour. but it has sensors to recognize road hazards. they hope to have them available to consumers in the next five years. alison: this rare sight in arizona. in flagstaff, crews spent the day plowing the highways across the northern part of the state. the national weather servicesays it's in that area. leon: it is a completely
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different climate out there. >> here we are in the middle of may and it still snowing. [laughter] alison: it is friday. >> brad's over there laughing his way out. 75 the average for this time of year. a record 93 back in 1991. we will get tim brant at this wall before he leaves. this is what we have in terms of the pollen count for you. the grasses will begin to ease in terms of how much they make you sneeze as we move the next couple of weeks. the pollen timing will come to an end. weeds not a problem.
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mold in the low range. 68 degrees, wind out of the south at seven miles an hour. dew point levels are in the comfortable range. moving to the day tomorrow, that is when it begins to feel uncomfortable around here. temperatures holding in the 60's. look off to the west of us. a good indication of what sans the way for the next couple of days. just off to the west of us, showers and thunderstorms, starting to pop. no worries at all. just about five miles an hour. all the humidity moves in from the south. here are the showers and
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thunderstorms likely to develop. late afternoon into the early evening hours. some may produce heavy downpours if or a percent chance you will see them. 60% you won't see anything at all. again into monday, it will begin to clear things out and cool things down as they move into the middle of next week. it's going to be a cool start to the morning. a rapid warm-up during the afternoon hours. heat index will make it feel a little bit hotter out there. keep in mind the average high is 75 degrees. hot and humid for the day on sunday. same on monday. and by the middle of next week, we talk temperatures around 74 or 75 degrees with nighttime lows in the 50's.
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alison: very good. thank you. we are all speechless. leon: i always get blamed for everything. >> the wizards faced elimination tonight and the pressure built throughout the game. but in the final seconds, with a chance to send it into overtime, the drama built to a crescendo. and the dramatic ending coming up in sports. alison: and don't forget dancing with the stars live. it's coming to washington and we are getting you there. abc 7 is giving one person for tickets to the show. the winner also gets to meet the stars. watch good morning washington on monday for your clue to win. for more details, go to --
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>> it was an elimination game in the phone booth in the wizard struggled for a lot of the game. they shot 37% from the field and four of 18 from beyond the arc. they had a good run with every chance to win. let's go back downtown.
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watch this. the defense sets up the offense. slams it home. a one-point game. defense kept it from advancing. demaree carroll, 91-89 atlanta. they were down three. the final seconds. paul pierce has been the hero and has also been the devil. moves to the corner. off-balance. fingertips. no bucket. wizards lose 94-91 and the atlanta hawks advance. >> you pretty much had everything you wanted numbers wise. john wall 20 points and 13, bradley beal finishing with 29 points. a staggering number, .1 second. that is the difference in the release for the game-tying three and the shot clock going off.
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>> i thought i could deliver for them. unfortunately, i didn't. >> it is frustrating and sad. probably every version of sad you can think of. >> we both work. where we want to get these guys. >> it was one missed opportunity after another. at the phone booth, abc 7 sports. >> the wizards and cast season ends so we will focus on the nats. they're closing in on first place against the mets. i relate game tonight in san diego. this is hartford with the bases loaded. the nats lead now 7-0 in the
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third inning. let's go to camden yard. to deep left center field, solo shot. his sixth of the year. l.a. has won seven of its last nine games. one of the top quarterbacks in the nation. he turned down lsu to play for the maryland terrapins. it's called a movement. >> how about that? alison: it is prom season and one pair is teaching all of us a lesson.
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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leon: she has downs is on -- down syndrome and they were friends at separate schools. he promised one day he would take her to the prom and made that promise in the fourth grade. they rekindled their friendship on the football field. he stayed true to his word. at the prom, he said she danced all night and he could barely keep up with her. alison: what a great story.
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leon: they were thinking alison: about the prom i
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[baseball crowd noise] ♪ ♪ [x1 chime] ♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] oh! i can't believe it! [cheering] hi, grandma! ♪ tt0w!tñ!hn! %4@-w7< tt0w!tñ!hn! el@-]0p tt0w!tñ!hn! ed@-[24 tt0w!tñ!hn% )8h-;lh tt0w!tñ!hn% kzh-&# tt0w!tñ!hn%
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n-h-sj8 tt0w!tñ!hn% 0ph-m- tt0w!tñ!hn% s"h-]ó@ tt0w!tñ!hn% ueh-í=0 tt0w!tñ!hn% 7hh-b?d alison: it is the weekend. >> they time highs will be in the 80's. same through sunday and monday and tuesday. a better chance for showers and thunderstorms not only through the weekend but also in the monday. up to 60% chance. tomorrow will not be a washout. afternoon, early evening and it will be done with. then back into the 70's next week. leon: no storms. i like that. >> be careful with thunderstorms. [laughter] leon: jimmy kimmel live is next.
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we will see you on monday.
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>> dickey: from hollywood it's “jimmy kimmel live”! tonight, paul giamatti “science bob” pflugfelder and this week in unnecessary censorship with cleto and the cletones. and now, for the most part here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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